Stephen Curry has already proven that there is no shooter that is or was better than him in the NBA. Curry is an absolutely electric shooter and has changed

 the game and made it a lot more three-point heavy. With that level of skill, Curry has racked up three-point records that many can't even hope to come close to.

One of his most impressive records was his streak of making three-pointers in consecutive games.

Curry holds both the top spot and the second spot on this list, with him going for a 158-game streak that ended in 2016 to set the previous record.

He holds the current record with 233 consecutive games with a three-pointer made, a streak he embarked on in 2018.

However, it ended at the hands of the Celtics as Curry went 0-9 on the night. Despite that, the Warriors pulled out a 94-104 win to take a 3-2 series lead.

It is disheartening to see Curry's streak end, but he won't care considering the massive win the Warriors got.

Whether Curry will make another one of these streaks is going to be seen now. Considering his age, the chance of matching this streak could be a challenge. 

Steph does have an ageless game with his incredible shooting ability, so who knows how much longer he will play.