Stephen Curry Reveals His True Thoughts On Confusing Season For Warriors 

Stephen Curry acknowledges that the Warriors' season has been confusing, with the team struggling to capture the same level of performance as their championship-winning season.

The team's record of 38-36 has been wildly inconsistent this season, with their notorious road-home split making things even more confusing.

Despite the challenges, Curry sees both positives and negatives in the team's play.

Curry believes that the team can still peak at the right time, which gives them confidence in their ability to compete in the playoffs.

“It’s inspiring and depressing all at the same time; you still feel like you’re in it, which we are. You still feel like we can peak at the right time.” Curry said, via Warriors Wire.

“There’s a lot of confidence in that. But it’s also you don’t want to be in a situation with everything that we’ve accomplished and the idea of who we are that we’re checking the standings for the last 20 games to see if we’re in or out of the play-in tournament vibe. It’s weird in that sense.”

The Warriors' struggles have been compounded by Curry's own injury troubles, which have seen him in and out of the lineup all year.

Despite this, Curry remains optimistic and believes that the team can still make a run in the playoffs.

Overall, Stephen Curry's thoughts on the Warriors' confusing season show that he remains confident in the team's ability to compete at the highest level, despite the challenges they have faced.