In the history of basketball, Stephen Curry is the best shooter to ever put a foot on the court. It has been repeatedly proven that the 6'2 point guard is superior to all other potential contenders for this position, and the competition isn't even close.

However, it would be worse to characterise Steph just as a shooter. The Warriors' attack is led by the two-time MVP, a destructive offensive force. Steph's performance on each given day determines how the squad as a whole performs.

Everyone is aware that Draymond Green is the team's leader on the court and its emotional centre. However, Steph is the centre of attention for the entire squad.

In his most recent media appearance, Bob Myers discussed Curry and his leadership.

There is just one player on the current Warriors roster who Bob Myers did not sign or select, and that player is Stephen Curry.

Myers joined the Dubs in April 2011, and Steph was selected in the 2009 draught. However, since that time, the Dubs' situation has only seemed to get better.

To improve their chances of winning, Myers has worked hard to assemble a strong squad around Steph, Draymond, and Klay Thompson.

 He spoke yesterday how the three stars are crucial to the hiring process as well.

Additionally, he discussed Steph and how his leadership style is unique from everyone else's.

Steph is not the conventional leader who must shout at his followers. The squad follows his example as seen by his acts and attitude.

- video via NBCSWarriors on twitter.