Over the years, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has given fans many iconic moments in the NBA.

During these moments, Steph has obviously shown fans quite a few amazing celebrations as well.

One such celebration is "Night Night." Curry has hit that one many times and the reason behind it is quite obvious.

It simply signifies that the job for the day is done and it's a signal for the final goodbye. Truly an amazing signature celebration and perfectly apt to shut up a vocal opponent.

After winning the fourth ring and along with the first NBA Finals MVP award of his incredible career, Curry once again brought back that iconic celebration.

He posted a picture of himself doing the celebration on Twitter in the Warriors' dressing room with the Larry O'Brian Trophy.

The tweet by Curry could very well have two meanings behind it. First, it could simply mean that Steph is saying the season is finally over and the Dubs ended up winning the ring.

It would be a simple enough message for all his and the Warriors' haters who believed that they would never win an NBA Championship again.

Second, it could also mean that Curry is signaling a goodbye to the Boston Celtics.

The 2022 NBA Finals series was full of heated moments and as we know it, the Celtics' players are very vocal in expressing themselves.