Brittney Griner's detention in Russia has been going on for almost three months, with her initial arrest taking place on 17th February this year due to possession of hashish oil cartridges in her bag.

Her detention came just as the Russia-Ukraine conflict started to escalate into a war.

Many people have been calling for Griner's freedom, with people like LeBron James already having made multiple pleas.

The situation is becoming much bigger than basketball, as the larger American public is now campaigning for the US Government to get Brittney Griner back home.

Golden State Warriors star, Stephen Curry expressed his sentiment while being interviewed by ESPN ahead of Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

"We're over 110 days that she's been wrongfully detained, It is an unfortunate situation, it’s a tragedy. She needs to be home. She needs to be safe. She needs to be with her family."

"Right now, it's just about getting her home and everybody joining that effort, joining that front to make sure she's talked about..."

"All hands are on deck, and all resources thrown at getting her home as soon as possible. I know those efforts are ongoing. and hopefully there'll be some positive end to this story."

Curry using his platform on ESPN during the NBA Finals to campaign for Griner's freedom is the right thing to do.

People on her side are going to get louder as time goes on, with Griner already starting to miss WNBA games that recently started.