Jake Paul ‘turned Down £82,000 to Spar With GWOAT Claressa Shields’

Jake Paul turned down a whopping £82,000 offer to spar with women's boxing world champion Claressa Shields.

Paul, according to Shields, who calls herself the "Greatest Woman of All Time" (GWOAT), didn't want to fight with her.

The 27-year-old is the first boxer in history to simultaneously hold all four major world championships in two different weight divisions.

She also engaged in an online argument with Paul, which prompted her to recommend that her fellow American REFUSE to argue with her.

Shields told GiveMeSport: "I told him that we could spar for 100,000 dollars (£82,000) and whoever wins gets that 100,000 dollars. He didn’t want to spar against me.

"And I’ve actually seen Jake Paul in person two or three times but he didn’t say anything. I’ve seen people run up to him and ask for pictures. I’m not one of those people. That’s never going to happen with me. I’m not a fan of him. I do think he’s funny. He should be like a comedian or something."

Shields continued by claiming she is "not a fan" of Paul because he was heard "saying s***" after she lost an MMA match against Abigail Montes in 2017.

She added: "I’m not a fan of the dude. I think what he’s doing in boxing and bringing more eyes is great. But I just can’t get jiggy with the whole thing like his attitude sucks.

"He started talking s*** after I lost my MMA fight by split decision and he was trying to big up the other girl who beat me and I was like dude you didn’t even say congrats when I won my first MMA fight. He didn’t congratulate me on all of my achievements in women’s boxing. He doesn’t have any respect for the sport to me. So I’ve never really liked the dude."