The Golden State Warriors have ascended back to the throne after their 4-2 series win in the NBA Finals to become champions once again.

They went three seasons prior to this without winning a title, watching the Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Lakers, and Milwaukee Bucks take their throne while they recovered from injuries.

Most of the credit for this will go to the core trio of the Warriors in Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson

Curry and Thompson in particular have become very good friends and rocked the league for years as the game-breaking duo known as the 'Splash Brothers'.

The Splash Brothers may not have the same flash they did in 2015, but they have a whole lot of substance.

They celebrated together after winning the title, mocking the ones that thought shooters like them couldn't be primary options on a title-winning team, let alone a dynasty.

According to Bleacher Report, they said, "All we do is shoot threes and win championships!"

This title must be extremely sweet for Thompson, who tore his ACL during the 2019 NBA Finals.

After almost returning at the start of the 2020-21 season, Thompson tore his Achilles pre-season and spent another year out, returning in January 2022, nearly three years since his last NBA game.

But the heart Thompson has shown to come back from two injuries of that magnitude to be a legitimate contributor and core starter is incredible.