LeBron James has revealed his biggest plans for life after the NBA. Just like other former athletes, he wants to own a franchise, and he has apparently identified where he wants that team to be.

James, 37, will enter his 20th season next October, trying to win another championship that takes his legacy to the next level.

After he's done with his career, LeBron may be focusing on owning an NBA franchise, which is something Michael Jordan achieved many years ago.

During a recent teaser for the brand-new episode of The Shop, James talked about his aspirations following his NBA career, claiming that he wants to own a team in Las Vegas.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith thinks that the league could accelerate this process for LeBron after all the things he's done for them on and off the court.

During a segment of First Take, Smith made a bold take about this possibility: “With what LeBron has meant to the game of basketball, I’m going to go 

so far as to say I think the league would owe it to him to facilitate him owning a basketball team." 

LeBron became the first active billionaire NBA player ever, and if he keeps adding more successful businesses to his portfolio, it won't be hard to become a majority owner of an NBA team.

Las Vegas and Seattle have been mentioned as potential destinations for expansion teams, but we need to wait a couple of years before the league makes an official announcement about this.