The Chef is ready to keep adding silverware to his career and making his legend even bigger. They just won the title and some people already have big expectations for the Warriors next season.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith recently predicted that the Dubs would go for the back-to-back not even one day after they won the 'chip.

During a recent edition of First Take, Smith claimed that the Warriors are championship bound next year and Stephen Curry will surpass LeBron James 

and Shaquille O'Neal in titles while reaching Kobe Bryant levels.

“I got the Warriors repeating!” shouted Smith. “They are winning the NBA championship again next year! This time next year, Steph Curry will surpass LeBron James, and he will 

have five chips. He will tie Kobe Bryant. He will surpass Shaquille O’Neal. He’ll have more chips than Shaquille. He’ll have more chips than LeBron. He’ll have just as 

many as Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. The Golden State Warriors are winning the championship again next year.”

Steph is still hungry to win. He's not slowing down, his 3-point shooting gets better every season and the Warriors have a solid project that will keep them competing for the championship every year.

The Warriors can still cash in on their gem, who will have more chances to win the title in the future. This Warriors team looks very dangerous right now.