Stephen A. Smith Says Michael Jordan Can Accept Criticism From The Media But There's One Condition

Stephen A. Smith, a seasoned NBA analyst, claims that Jordan doesn't mind criticism as long as one requirement is met by the media.

"Michael Jordan is one of these things. It’s a misnomer about him. Because that’s a friend. That’s a brother. I love Michael Jordan, obviously."

"And I thank him; anybody associated with basketball should thank Michael Jordan for what he’s done for the game of basketball."

"People get on him because they think that he can’t take criticism. That is not true."

"Michael Jordan will cuss me out, or somebody else out, quicker than you can say your name if you blindside him."

"If you call Michael Jordan, ‘This is how I feel. Here’s why,’ he’s got no problem with you. Give him an opportunity to explain."

"And, if he has no explanation or he couldn’t reach you, didn’t return your call, or whatever, whatever, he’s very big about that."

"That’s a complete misnomer about most of these guys."

According to Smith, being honest with MJ is the key to criticising him, and there is a significant example of what happens when that requirement is not met.