LeBron James has always been active on social media, constantly sharing his opinion on NBA-related matters or different topics.

In recent days, he has been teasing a return to the top from the Los Angeles Lakers. Besides posting messages on Instagram showing his excitement for another season, after a tumultuous 2021/22 campaign.

Recently, King James took to Instagram to warn the rest of the league about AD's comeback. “Get It Twisted if you want too! In due time he’ll remind you once again why he’s HIM!!! And I can’t wait for it to be unleashed,” 

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith doesn't think that LeBron's messages on social media can be productive and called him out during a recent edition of First Take.

“I didn’t like the fact that LeBron [posted] that,” Smith said earlier this week. “What did LeBron tweet last year? ‘Keep the same energy.’ … His tweets don’t work. LeBron’s tweets don’t work.”

"He sat up there with all the critics, ‘Keep the same energy. Keep the same energy.’ Well, dammit, they kept it. And what did the Lakers do? They folded like a 

cheap tent. … The reason I don’t like this is because we can’t count on Anthony Davis being healthy. I trust his game.”

Smith referred to the infamous tweet of LeBron against critics that doubted the Lakers could have a good season. 

He would delete that message but the internet never forgets. They constantly bring that tweet up to troll LeBron and his disappointing Lakers.