Stephen Curry and the Dubs had a sensational 2021-22 regular season and continued that form in the postseason. They played at an elite level and ended up booking a seat in the 2022 NBA Finals.

Of course, the credit for this amazing goes to none other than Steph Curry. Curry is having a great postseason run and has helped his team win many games throughout the playoffs.

In fact, Curry also won the first-ever Magic Johnson Western Conference Finals MVP award for his efforts against the Dallas Mavericks in the WCF.

Although Steph must have felt great about winning that award, he still has his eyes on the ultimate price, which is the 2022 NBA title.

Additionally, he will also be hoping to finally win the first NBA Finals MVP award of his career as well. In a recent interview, Curry talked about what it would mean for him to win that honor.

"It would mean everything, because that pretty much means you're winning the series. You think about when Andre won, when KD won his two, there's just so much joy in that moment. 

No matter who wins it, there's so much joy in that moment, you wanna be able to experience it. And I think the context of every series changes in terms of what it's gonna take to actually win, 

and I think for us to win this championship, get three more wins, and hold that Larry O'Brien trophy, I'm gonna have to keep playing the way I am."

Honestly, we hope Curry wins his first NBA Finals MVP award because he has achieved so much in the league and it is sad to see most dismiss that due to a lack of that award from his resume.