Spider-Verse Section Added To Marvel On Disney+

One of the smaller announcements made at this year’s Disney+ Day event was the creation of a Spider-Verse area to the streaming platform. This comes at a time when the idea of a Spider-Man multiverse is on everyone’s mind. With some of its Phase 4 entries, the MCU is now building on the concept of the multiverse.

Furthermore, due to the fact that villains from prior, non-MCU Spider-Man films will emerge as antagonists in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home; the buzz around the film is everywhere on the internet. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are both believed to be in the film, reprising their respective Spider-Man roles. 

Those who are eagerly anticipating the release of No Way Home in theatres now have a new way to pass the time; courtesy to the streaming service.

On Disney+, a Spider-Verse area has now been introduced. Fans may check it out by going to the Marvel banner on the app. This collection appears to contain every item of Spider-Man content available in the app.

It’s ideal for individuals who simply want to watch anything Spider-Man-related, whether new or old. This part of Disney+ provides fans with access to a variety of Spider-Man productions that have been released over the years. Some older cartoons, such as Spider-Man (1994) and Spider-Woman (1979), are included; as well as some recent ones, such as Spider-Man and the Amazing Spider-Man (2017).

The web-appearances slinger’s in the MCU are also included in this category (except his own solo films). Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame; as well as Captain America: Civil War, are included.

Tom Holland’s solo MCU films are likely to be left out because they are co-produced with Sony; which is developing its own Spider-Verse.