Sooryavanshi Of Akshay Kumar And Rohit Shetty Will Be Shown On Over 3200 Screens

The expectation is evident as Maharashtra’s movie theatres open for the first time on October 22.

Sooryavanshi, starring Akshay Kumar and planned for a Diwali 2021 release, completes the much-anticipated Rohit Shetty cop universe.

However, the exhibition industry is certainly excited, as more and more movie theatres are gearing up to reopen in November for the big-ticket attraction.

While Akshay’s most recent film, Bell Bottom, only had about 1600 screens in India, Sooryavanshi will have far more.

Sooryavanshi will be seen in the state at at least 850 to 900 of 1100.

Overall, very rough and early estimates suggest that the action-packed film will be released in India on around 3200 screens.

The lead actor, Akshay Kumar, is in the prime of his career, and his most recent Diwali release,