Sony Pictures Announced Spider No Way Home’s Uncut Version, Fans Are Excited

Spiderman No Way Home, the iconic movie of the year 2021 has something special coming up this year for its fans. Yes, you heard that right.

The Film Spiderman No Way Home is the highest-grossing film of the year 2021. It earned over $1.8 million, fans can’t get over the film as it brought crazy cameos and an amazing plot which made it the best.

New York, no stranger to being on the go, makes it minimal this time.

Sony has decided to release an extended version of No Way Home which will come to theatres on September 2, 2022, in the USA & Canada.

More countries added will be known soon through their official account. Tickets will go on sale on August 9.

The movie brought back Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire & Tom Holland together making all the fans nostalgic as they grew up watching Tobey & Andrew’s Spiderman. It also gave us the chance to watch the iconic villains from the past Spiderman movies like Dr. Otto Octopus, Green Goblin, Sandman & Electro.

But as we all know that not everything shot in production makes it to the final output of the film and Spiderman No Way Home was cut down to 148 minutes. There may still be some scenes that didn’t show up in the film.

That’s why Sony has taken this decision to bring the movie back with some unseen material. The extended version will be released to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Spiderman & 20 years of its films.

Today Sony Pictures posted a video of Tobey, Andrew & Tom saying, “We should do this again.”Also, the video was followed by the caption,” You wanted more Spidey and you got it!📷📷📷 #SpidermanNoWayHome: The More Fun Stuff Version swings into movie theaters in the US and Canada on September 2! More countries are to be announced soon! @SpiderManMovie.”