LeBron James is finally in the window where he can extend his contract beyond the end of the 2022-23 season. 

With Bronny James projected to be entering the league in 2024, there is a chance that LeBron doesn't even intend on staying with the Lakers.

However, there is a chance LeBron signs the extension and entitles himself to $50 million a season through ages 39 and 40. 

That would be a pretty payday for anyone but LeBron is already a billionaire and doesn't need the cash from his contract to maintain his lifestyle.

As a result, Skip Bayless has challenged LeBron to take a discount on his next extension to give the Lakers some room to add talent around LeBron, similar to what Tim Duncan had done towards the end of his tenure.

"Help me out: Why wouldn't LeBron take far less $$$ from the Lakers to maximize chances to win 1 more ring??? He's a BILLIONAIRE. In 2013 and '14, Tim Duncan took only 10 mil! Spurs should've won both years. Another reason why Duncan was more valuable than LeBron ever has been."

The Spurs did do a good job with the space that Duncan left them but saying they were entitled to 2 championships is just Skip Bayless being biased toward his favorite team. 

Calling LeBron James less valuable than Tim Duncan is also very unfair considering what LeBron has objectively achieved on the court.

It doesn't look like LeBron is planning on re-signing so early into his option period. He still has the 2022-23 season to play out and see how the Lakers do.