LeBron James has been living his best life since the season ended for the Los Angeles Lakers. While there was certainly a lot of disappointment thanks to how the season ended for 

the team, there isn't much James or his teammates can do until the next season starts later in the year.

James is a huge brand name and as such, has several endorsement deals. This means he's often in commercials, a lot of which are broadcasted during NBA games.

And considering that there isn't much his biggest hater in Skip Bayless can talk about with LeBron not playing, he's chosen to take a shot at LeBron based on his latest commercial for chips brand, Ruffles.

While the commercial itself is harmless, Bayless isn't one to miss the opportunity to troll James, so he decided to go at him about his free throws in a tweet.

Skip Bayless tweeted, "Hey, LeGone: my answer to your question, flamin' hot or cheddar & sour cream? NEITHER. Lay off the chips, wine, tequila. You must get in better shape for next yr, 

your 20th. You kept running out of gas in closing time. And please, get off the couch and work on your free throws!"

LeBron James is known for spending millions on his health, something that has allowed him to maintain his incredible longevity. He likely has a plan for how he can come back next season, performing at a high level again.

While it's true that the Lakers and LBJ both need to find more success next season, Skip Bayless' takes continue to be wild and biased against LeBron James.