Skip Bayless Blames Luka Doncic for Loss Against Warriors, Asks to Take Responsibility Himself

Skip Bayless, a Fox Sports analyst, criticized Luka Doncic's performance in the Dallas Mavericks' loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Doncic returned from a thigh injury and played 41 minutes, putting up impressive numbers with 30 points and 17 assists.

Despite Doncic's commendable performance, Bayless was furious with his poor execution in the late-game.

Bayless tweeted that Doncic should take responsibility for the loss and criticized his poor shooting and turnovers, as well as his need for Kyrie Irving to close out games.

Irving was expected to play against the Warriors but was sidelined with a re-aggravated foot injury.

Bayless also called out Doncic for his constant complaining about foul calls during the game.

The loss to the Warriors was particularly damaging for the Mavericks, who are currently vying for a playoff spot.

With Irving's injury potentially sidelining him indefinitely, the Mavericks may struggle to maintain their position in the Western Conference standings.

Bayless' criticism of Doncic may be seen as harsh by some, but it reflects the high expectations that the Slovenian superstar faces as one of the best players in the league.