Simu Liu Reveals He Is Unaware Of Shang-Chi’s Return

By: Christy Mathew

The actor, Simu Liu revealed he does not know when he will be playing Shang-Chi again. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will premiere on September 3rd and will be the introduction of Simu’s character Shang-Chi. He is the new Marvel superhero created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Jim Starlin in 1973.

The character has appeared in various Marvel comics and is known as the Master of Kung-Fu. Shang-Chi also has his own solo books and joins the Avengers in 2012 in Avengers #2. Back in 2014, Simu used to dress up as Spider-Man for children’s birthday parties.

That’s all it took for Simu to be called in for an audition and Kevin Feige telling him that he would be Shang-Chi.

However, Simu revealed that he does not know when he will be playing the character again. He talked to THR and discussed securing the role and his excitement to play the character.

The actor said the main thing at the moment is that the movie is out for the audience to see. The box office and the reactions will then lead to more opportunities.

As per Kevin, Shang-Chi is set to have a “great influence” on the future of the MCU. Simu talked about the future of his character.

He said, “I’ve got nothing. I’ve got absolutely nothing. I think we’re just so focused on pushing this movie out to the world and making sure people watch it. And when it releases in theatres September 3rd, wherever it’s safe for people to do so, that they come out and experience the mind-blowing action and the incredible story that this movie has.”

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