Simu Liu-A Misogynist? Old Reddit Posts Resurface Debunked

Christy Mathew

Disney stars have been under fire for quite some time. The storms that passed by Gina Carano, Brie Larson and James Gunn have now come to the doors of Simu Liu. They are now facing a mounting PR crisis over the latest superhero Shang-Chi.

In mid-September, posts about Simu began circulating from a now-deleted Reddit account. It made racist and misogynist comments and many believe it belonged to the actor. This led to the actor issuing a brutal attack in response. Various actors have come under fire for their old posts on social media.

for Simu, it seems like he might not be lucky to escape this. Both Marvel and Disney have not responded to the allegations which only makes our heads turn to the actor himself. The controversy began after Slate published a story about Men’s Rights Asians subreddit. 

Many Twitter users identified Simu before it blew up as the old Reddit posts were being shared. Slate published the article and the story revolved around the MRAsian subculture where people harass and threaten Asian men. The story made its way to social media with people debating who the people were.

Actor Edward Hong tweeted, “f–k it. The person in question is Simu Liu”. He then followed it up with a series of tweets identifying the actor.

The actor shared that his intent is not to cancel the actor as he admitted to once being an MRA himself. He added that it is possible he still has traves of it and he needs to eliminate that.

Edward said, “Many of my Asian male peers are MRA, whether they admit it or not. Maybe Simu can change. But change is only possible when one can own up to it.”

For one, the account says “I am a Canadian actor,” in one post. In 2017, the account was also posted on r/KimsConvenience, the Canadian sitcom Liu was part of before he became Shang-Chi. He had allegedly thanked his fans for tuning in and for being a part of the show.