Shiba Inu’s Welly Becomes Top-Rated Fast-Food Store On Uber Eats

Welly, a blockchain-based eatery with Shiba Inu decor, has been hailed as one of the top "Uber Eats" eateries for more than three months.

Welly has accumulated considerable popularity over time, as seen by the App that delivers food to doorsteps in only minutes.

The Screenshot from the “UBER EATS” Italian app shows that welly is the most eaten, best in delivery, and High rated Fast-Food Store.

Shiba Inu entered the real-world sector for the first time on February 2 and announced a strong relationship with Welly, a blockchain-based Italian fast food company.

Shiba Inu's Welly is considering going global at the time.

In order to extend its franchises, the burger establishment is carefully analysing the more than 300 applications it has received from interested parties all around the world.

According to recent sources, Welly is almost done signing its first franchise agreement. The business insisted on remaining anonymous while promising Shiba Inu Community that its franchise will launch shortly.

On July 28, Welly said that it has signed a deal with Masquespacio Studio, home of famous architect Christophe Penasse, to create each restaurant's idea in an original fashion.

Christophe Penasse has worked in several nations and has received numerous accolades from other nations for his outstanding restaurant designs.