Shiba Inu’s Burn Rate Up 332%

Shiba Inu burning continues despite challenging market conditions while shib adds more holders as prices fall.

Shiba Inu's "Burn Rate" has increased 332 percent in the last day as the Shiba Inu Community sees the popular dog-themed cryptocurrency's plummeting pricing as a HUGE chance to burn.

The Community has burned over 324.21 Million SHIB tokens in the past 24 hours.

SHIBArmy continues to burn the popular dog-themed cryptocurrency in millions daily, lowering Shiba Inu’s circulating supply.

The massive selloff in the global cryptocurrency market gathered traction on Monday.

Shiba Inu dipped further to hit a new lower low price of $0.00000743 in the past 24 hours, creating the opportunity to burn more Shiba Inu at a low cost.

Shiba Inu Community is taking full advantage of discounted prices.

According to the recent report from the SHIB Burn Tracking website,, the burn rate of the Dogecoin rival increased by 332% over the past day as Shiba Inu supporters destroyed a total of 324,211,278 (324.21M) tokens through fifteen separate transactions.

Conversely, top ETH whales are getting their hands on the world’s 17th most prominent cryptocurrency. As per the recent report, the key Ethereum investor named “BlueWhale0073” has scooped up a whopping total of 356.07 billion SHIB tokens, worth $3 million in one important transaction.