Shaquille O’Neal’s $400 Million Fortune Came About One “50/50” Golden Rule 

No matter how much money you make, Shaquille O'Neal, a successful businessman and investor, advises conserving some of it each pay week.

Shaq left college early to seek a career in the NBA, much like many other outstanding basketball players.

Despite having a bad reputation for shooting free throws, he was a prolific scorer who garnered multiple accolades, including Rookie of the Year, league MVP, 15 invitations to the NBA All-Star Game, and four titles.

Though you wouldn't be shocked to find that he spent a million dollars in the first 30 minutes of joining the league if you watched him on television after a game.

His banker called him as a result and reprimanded him, telling him that if he kept doing this, he would go bankrupt like so many other NBA players.

Shaq allegedly chose to pursue business and finance after all. He went back to school, finished his undergraduate studies, and then sought an MBA. In 2012, he obtained his PhD. It's true that he is now Dr. Shaq.

More significantly, he used those principles by buying a large number of enterprises, including 172 restaurants, 150 car washes, 40 fitness facilities, a shopping complex, a theatre, and a few nightclubs. We think his current income much exceeds what he earned as an NBA player.

Shaquille O'Neal, a member of the Los Angeles Lakers who is now in the NBA Hall of Fame, offers his finest financial guidance and small company management suggestions. Shaq earned an estimated $700 million throughout his NBA career, placing him eighth all-time on Forbes' list of the highest-paid sportsmen. That's a lot of money to earn playing basketball, and after retiring, he has kept himself occupied. Shaq started his own company and amassed wealth.

Shaq’s money advice is geared toward saving: “It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep,” Shaq says. “Save 75% of your earnings and put it aside.” Use the remaining 25% as you see fit.”