Cool as he is, Shaquille O'Neal is very protective of the people he loves and won't hesitate to get back at people that hurt those around him.

Shaq, like almost every dad in the world, has a soft spot for his daughters, always helping them and making sure they're good before anything else.

A couple of months ago, the 4x NBA champion even admitted he advises his girls to stay away from guys like him because he didn't behave back in the day.

“I tell my daughters I wasn’t nothing,” Shaq said. “I was not nothing. So, you need to watch out. I was terrible. I was the worse ever. So, I can spot them out because I went into worse.”

During an interview on ELLEN, the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat legend explained that he knows all the tricks that boys use nowadays, and in fact, he invented them.

"I'm waiting for her [to meet a great guy]. First thing I have to let the guy know is all the little things that you think you're doing, I invented. All the little sly moves, like you're going to 

the movies and you start to do stuff like that, I did all that stuff. So I need to let him know that I know what he's thinking."

Then Shaq explained what would happen to this guy if he ever did something wrong to his daughter. "I'd just really really torture him. Torture him bad."

It's easy to see where Shaq's comments come from, as nowadays, it's hard to trust people. He's ready to play mind games with those trying to do things they're not supposed to do.