Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most generous athletes of recent times. Stories of Shaq helping people in financial situations have been a mainstay of social media chatter around him.

No matter what the intent was, tales of Shaq helping people out leak out from people who saw the exchange and video recorded it or from the people Shaq helped themselves. 

The latest story was of the former Lakers center picking up the tab at a New York restaurant and paying a heft $25,000 for all the patrons there.

The story traveled very quickly through the internet and made it all the way back to Shaq's 'Big Podcast', where he finally revealed the truth around the story.

"It wasn't $25,000, it was $2,500. Always give the waiters big tips because I appreciate them. I always ask them and give them the ability to tell me what they want. 

I ask them 'what do you want? Biggest tip you've ever had' because I want them to remember me. I always want to leave the impression that I am a 

nice guy. I am not going to take credit for the $25,000. It was a great viral moment, but it was $2,500."

Earlier the same week, Shaq was in New Jersey to unveil a new basketball court where a boys and girls club he attended as a child used to be. 

He has various other charitable initiatives, including annual Santa Claus drives in Atlanta and his foundation that actively empowers underserved youths to help them achieve their full potential.