Shaquille O'Neal reacts to Ja Morant gun controversy

Shaquille O'Neal offered his thoughts on Ja Morant's suspension amid the NBA and police investigation of his gun controversy.

Morant is currently away from the Memphis Grizzlies following a viral video of him flashing his gun inside a club on Instagram live.

O'Neal criticized Morant's decision, saying that it was a bad choice and that there was no excuse for it.

O'Neal advised Morant to think of God, his family, and his daughter Kaari before making any decisions.

"It was a bad choice," O'Neal said. "It was a bad decision. There's no excuse for what he did. You got to have enough common sense to know that wasn't going to go the way you wanted it to go. You're not a rapper, you're an NBA player."

"Think of the higher power," O'Neal said. "I feel for him now, but I also feel for his mother and father. What are they going through? So guys, before you make a dumb decision, not a mistake, a dumb decision, a dumb choice, think of the higher power, your mother, your father, your children."

He emphasized the importance of common sense, especially for NBA players who are in the spotlight.

Morant has already served his two-game suspension, missing games against the LA Clippers and LA Lakers.

The Grizzlies' head coach, Taylor Jenkins, doesn't know when Morant will return to the team.