Shaquille O'Neal Reacts To Chris Rock's Comedy Special

Shaquille O'Neal recently spoke about the Chris Rock and Will Smith situation where Smith smacked Rock in the face at the Oscars last year.

Many people thought the incident was fake, but it was real.

O'Neal questioned why people can't use certain words in comedy, specifically the word "B*tch".

He praised Chris Rock for his response at the Oscars, saying that he did the right thing by not retaliating and instead responding with a joke.

O'Neal said that he would have handled the situation differently, and would have demanded to see Smith immediately after the incident.

He joked about being willing to fight Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry if they got in his way.

O'Neal is known for his sense of humor and often finds himself in funny situations on and off the basketball court.

He is one of the greatest players in basketball history and is admired not only for his skill but also for his humor and personality.

It is possible that O'Neal and Rock are good friends as he seems to be sticking up for him in this situation.