In the world of basketball, Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most dominant players that we have ever seen in the NBA.

Apart from his basketball career, he has been involved with numerous brands, especially since his retirement. 

Through his business strategy and skills, he is making millions of dollars every year. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shaq has an estimated net worth of 400 million dollars.

Being a former basketball player, entrepreneur, TV host, and product endorser has also significantly helped him to build his empire.

According to a report that compares Shaq’s NBA salary versus what he earns as a businessman at present, he earns four times more annually than he did during his NBA career. 

While this man was at the height of his basketball career, he earned $15M, and as of now, he makes $60M annually from his businesses.

Shaq has earned $300M over the course of his 19-year NBA career.

While it is common for athletes to make millions through their NBA careers and lose a significant amount after retirement, the big man chose to invest his earnings and is now reaping the rewards.

Shaq has endorsement deals and deals with various prominent brands lined up, but he only approves the ones he believes in.

Big Diesel is aware of the value of money and how to spend it in a way that yields profits.