Brilliant athlete, successful businessperson, and a great anchor, are some of the tags associated with Shaquille O’Neal. Apart from this, in the past two decades, the fans have also had glimpses of Shaq’s fun-loving side.

Supporting the idea of him being a super interesting personality, the 4x Champion recently discussed his LA Super Bowl parties.

In an interview, Shaquille O’Neal talked about the Super Bowl coming back to Los Angeles in 28 years. The interviewer then enquired Shaq about what the city will offer to one of the biggest weekends in sports.

The 49-YO exclaimed, “They’re (celebrities) are going to want to be at the hottest parties. This is for our regular friends that are gonna buy tickets.

You don’t wanna go to dull parties. Or you wanna go to a party and go… is that Papa John’s, is that a lady swallowing a sword?”

He further added, “If you don’t know anything about Shaq’s fault houses. Music and sports, they are coming together.”

Shaq is reportedly organizing a party before the LA Super Bowl, one which he promises to be memorable for everyone attending it.

The former Lakers star is organizing Shaq’s Fun House, which people can buy tickets for.

Shaq told LA Mag, “Listen, it’s Super Bowl Weekend. People save up all the money they have to get to Super Bowl Weekend, and I want to add to that.

I don’t want people to be like, ‘Man, I paid all this money and went to the party and people stood around.’ I want people to have a great time.”