Shaquille O'Neal and Kevin Durant are two of the most active NBA stars on social media. Coming from different generations, these two 

have found a way to stay relevant not only for their jobs within the NBA world but for the entertaining things they share online.

Recently, their paths crossed, and we learned what they think about a potential duel between Shaq's incredible Los Angeles Lakers and KD's memorable Golden State Warriors.

Talking with famous MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, Shaq claimed that his three-peat Lakers would beat the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan in both teams' primes.

He also talked about the Warriors, saying that he would have dominated Stephen Curry every time he tried to go to the basket. "We would've let Stephen Curry drive to the basket, and 

I would have laid his little ass out a couple of times. Period," O'Neal said on The Frank Caliendo Podcast.

Well, KD replied to it by saying, "Bring Shaq up in that pick and roll and test them hips. Pause," KD commented on an ESPN post.

O'Neal wouldn't stay quiet and replied to the 2x NBA champion: “… I [don’t] have to stop anyone, I have to be stopped, which is impossible to do. Well it was, I’m old now.”

It would have been great to see all of these legendary teams going at it at the same time. Still, these hypothetical scenarios give us interesting debates where some of the people involved get to express their opinion.