The 2015/16 NBA season is considered the best season in league history due to all the historical moments we lived during those years. The 2016 offseason was also one to 

remember, given the huge move Kevin Durant made, leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.

As we all know, this decision raised a lot of eyebrows around the league, and KD went from being one of the most beloved players to 

being considered a 'snake' for leaving his teammates hanging and, most importantly, for joining the team that previously beat him.

It's been almost six years since that decision, and the NBA world keeps discussing this matter even today, and recently, Shaquille O'Neal gave his two pennies on this.

During a recent episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq, The Big Diesel  said that KD left a situation where he was the main dude just to join the team everybody wanted to beat.

"When he was in OKC, he was the bus driver, and everybody was on him, and he couldn't close. And people were really curious like you can't close, and then you wanna join the team that 

beat you and then he don't understand why everybody was upset about that. So, it's supposed to be about competition. If I knew it was okay to join people, f--k I would have joined the Bulls."

Durant won two championships in three trips to the Finals with Warriors before joining the Brooklyn Nets, where he's been unable to have the same success he enjoyed in Oakland.