Shaquille O'Neal Accused Of Hiding In His Home To Avoid FTX Lawsuit

Attorneys trying to serve Shaquille O'Neal have been unsuccessful in locating him as he hides from them in the FTX scandal.

O'Neal is one of the high-profile celebrities who endorsed FTX, a crypto exchange company.

FTX investor Edwin Garrison filed a lawsuit against the company founder and some endorsers, including O'Neal, in November 2022.

Garrison claimed that he invested in FTX after being exposed to the celebrity endorsement, which he alleges influenced his decision.

O'Neal is the only celebrity among the endorsers who is reportedly avoiding being served with the complaint.

Lawyers for Garrison have made several unsuccessful attempts to serve O'Neal with the complaint.

The lawyers for Garrison have accused O'Neal of trying to draw out the legal proceedings or avoid answering the allegations.

Other celebrities named in the lawsuit, including Tom Brady, Giselle Bündchen, Larry David, and Stephen Curry, have already been served.

Curry, who also appeared in an FTX commercial with O'Neal, has been served with the complaint.