Looking at Shaq's career, he achieved everything a basketball player could dream of in his career.

Be it individual accolades or winning championships, Shaq achieved it all during his time in the NBA.

But things could have very easily gone south for the big man if he injured himself.

Keeping that in mind, Shaq reveals what his father had taught him back when he was still an aspiring high schooler.

"One of the things Sarge always told me was, 'What if you break your knee? What if you can't play anymore? You better have a backup plan.'"

"Rather than just be Shaq, basketball hero, the star of a couple of terrible movies and best-selling rap artist, I needed to gain some credibility in law enforcement."

Thankfully, Shaq never needed a backup plan as he became a successful basketball star and avoided any career-ending injuries in his career.

As for Harrison, he has now passed away. But he made O'Neal promise to take care of the entire family.

So far, Shaq has been honoring that promise, and we are sure he will continue to do so.

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