Shaquille O’Neal seldom minces words when it comes to the basketball world or off-the-court issues.

The big man’s inquisitive nature and achievements in a variety of fields have equipped him with knowledge and a clear perspective on the world.

O’Neal is well-known for his philanthropy and efforts toward the community. The Lakers legend is all about giving back to the world.

This is evident in the extensive work done by Shaquille O’Neal’s foundation. His foundation aims to spread enthusiasm and make a difference in communities.

In his book “Shaq Talks Back,” the big man describes how growing up among people from various cultures gave him a unique perspective.

O’Neal wrote, "Because Phil (Phillip A. Harrison) was in the army, I was always moving around, trying to fit in with new kids and new cultures."

"In Newark, I was around black people my whole life."

"Bayonne, where I lived until I was about 9, was the first time I experienced being in classes with white kids, Indian kids, Puerto Rican kids. It gave me a whole new perspective on the world."

Shaq then talks about how he never sees color in people. He believes that there are only two types of individuals: good and bad.

"I never disliked white people when I was young," Shaq said."And to this day, I was raised to believe there are two kinds of people in this world: good people and bad people."