Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA. His height, weight, and physique helped him become one of the most dominant players in history.

Shaq leads an expansive and luxurious life. He lives his life lavishly. His possessions are proof that he loves to live his heart out. 

He has a massive collection of many things, but he owns one special vehicle which is worth a whopping $130 million.

The Shaq Yacht is estimated at $130 million. The yacht is a luxurious space fit for any event. It can hold up to 24 guests and 40 people on board, including the crew. 

Shaq’s size has always made him struggle to fit into normal cars. But it is easy for the big man to just have a collection of luxurious cars custom-made according to his needs.

In terms of cars, Shaquille O’Neal has a garage estimated at 32 cars. The combined value of those 32 cars is estimated at around $3.5 million. Apart from this, the yacht sets his collection of vehicles apart.

Points wise he still remains in the top 10 of all time. Apart from being on the list for most points, Shaq also stands tall on the list of the richest basketball players in the world.

He is in the top 10 of that list as well. Moreover, regardless of the sport, Shaq is also one of the 20 richest athletes in the world.

His net worth is around $400 million, which just makes the big man even larger.

Shaq, in his playing days, had massive contracts. For years, he remained the highest-paid center in the league.