Shaquille O'Neal, on the Knuckleheads podcast, once revealed the real reason why he was always mad while dunking the ball.

Shaq said: "I was in high school playing against some little guys. I'm supposed to be dunking. I'm not dunking; I don't want to dunk.

I want to lay it up, finger roll, but I miss it. My dad walked on the court, drill sergeant, and tells me to call a timeout. I call a timeout. I go outside. 

He said, man what you doing and I said I'm working on my Dr.J, Magic shit and then he smacked me. Ain't no Magic, Dr.J. 

You are Shaq, be Shaq. That is why every time I dunk, I try to rip the rim off because I was mad at him."

The Aristotle revealed how his hard taskmaster Dad developed him to be strong: "So when my dad punched me, I didn't cry, but I've got tears in my eyes. 

I break the rim, and I look at him; he don't smile or nothing. He is just looking at me like you are supposed to do that. 

First time he told me, a good game was after my first championship. He loved the game, and he wanted perfection."

"I wanted to fade away and cross people up, but that was my niche, just to, you know, beat people up. I wasn't trying to be the best I was just trying to win."