NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal wants to take a break from his fans and popularity. Yes, you heard that right. 

The “Big Podcast with Shaq” has brought many weird quips from the former star, but this might take the cake.

He declared this right at the start of the podcast, in response to Nischelle Turner being tired of vacations. The podcast was off for a week and now Shaq has had a taste of taking a vacation.

Hence, O’Neal declared that he would take another break. “No, I am about to go for another vacation,” said Shaq.

Turner got exasperated with that response and mentioned that the podcast is getting more popular with the fans. 

Shaq replied, “The show is like an income tax return. Y’all can wait.”

The podcast has already taken two breaks within this month, hence fans of Shaq have been asking why is this so?

The answer? Shaq himself. The man loves to take breaks and why won’t he? He has already been part of the grind for almost two decades as an NBA player.

Even then, he wasn’t known as very hardworking. In the past, various stories have talked about Shaq’s reportedly lousy work ethic.

His former Lakers coach Phil Jackson has said before that if he would have stayed in shape, there would be no doubt that Shaq could have become the GOAT.