Shaquille O’Neal will never stand to see his achievements getting discredited by other people. He is the first person to tell you how many “rings” he has won in his entire career.

Shaq, in his peak, was the most physically dominant player in the NBA. He combined strength, size, and agility to create a once-in-a-lifetime athlete.

His very presence on the court scared opposition players. O’Neal will always be the first person to say how good he was in his career and if anyone cross-questions that, he will get annoyed.

But, a Twitter fan decided to tempt fate. It started with the Legion Hoops Twitter account posting Big Diesel’s stats from the 2000-02 NBA Finals.

However, there will always be naysayers and one such fan decided to take a dig at him. A user wrote, “Even with all of this Shaq doesn’t win those rings without Kobe.”

This led to the fan being on the receiving end of Shaq’s anger. O’Neal walked back all those years and decided to dunk on this man like it was the year 2000. 

He came back fiercely and wrote, “No person can win without another star big dummy.”

He added, “How many would Magic (Johnson) have without Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar)? How many would Kenny Smith have without Hakeem (Olajuwon)? wtf u talking about I hate dumb a** people, enjoy my stats and stf up.”

Shaquille O’Neal was a dominant performer during his playing days. He was the best player in the league from the years 2000 to 2002. His stat lines do prove the same.

He won three titles during his time with the Lakers. He could have won more, but that makes O’Neal memorable in the eyes of everyone.