Shaquille O’Neal is one of the best centers to have ever played in the NBA. During his prime, he was a dominant force and someone who was feared by many players.

But he is not just about his brute force. He is also one of the smartest guys with a sharp business mind. 

Shaq is a successful athlete when it comes to investments and brand association. He didn’t sit around and spend all his NBA earnings for nothing.

Instead, The Big Shamrock learned about investing and used his hard-earned money with a calculated risk.

With this, O’Neal has built his business empire from the ground up and is now an inspiration to the youngsters.

It is no secret that Shaq invested in Google but now there is news breaking up stating his reason for not investing in Starbucks.

And it has nothing to do with the market or stock predictions. The Lakers legend simply didn’t invest in Starbucks because he doesn’t drink coffee. Yeah, you read that correctly. 

When Shaq’s agent called him about investing in Starbucks, Shaq hilariously rejected because when he was growing up he hasn’t seen people in his community drink coffee. 

But O’Neal admitted it was one of his worst business decisions. And he also said that now he sees a Starbucks shop on every corner in every city of the country and he regrets it.

On the positive side, Shaq invested in Google’s Series A in 1999. He placed a $100 million valuation on the table with a gut feeling that it would give him a huge profit.