Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal was the most dominant big man during his prime in the NBA. The towering center could make anyone look smaller by his side.

Unlike most humans, Shaq doesn’t lift weights when he works out because he uses whoever is near him as weights.

Recently, a hilarious video of O’Neal curling up NBA legend Reggie Miller in his arms went viral. A lot of fans thought it was hilarious.

In his podcast titled  “The Big Wardrobe Malfunction”, Shaq disclosed the history behind the Reggie bicep curl, among other things. 

The Big Diesel also revealed that Charles Barkley was also in the gym with them. But he called out Chuck for faking the workout.

During the podcast, Nischelle wanted to know whether Barkley lied about being in the gym and working out with them.

O’Neal hilariously said, “Yeah, he was doing something on the treadmill and it wasn’t running and it wasn’t walking. I don’t know what he was doing!”

Barkley has always been criticized and trolled for his size and eating habits during his playing career.

But he doesn’t shy away from the notion, he wears it like a badge and has fun with it. It isn’t without reason he is liked by most NBA fans.

In one of the “Inside The NBA” shows, Chuck said that he would rather have a bucket of chicken over Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry.