Shang-Chi Producer Addresses Concerns About MCU Movie’s Dark Tone

Christy Mathew

Jonathan Schwartz, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings producer have addressed concerns over the movie’s dark tone. The movie marks as being the first leading Asian superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

It brings new elements of martial arts and mysticism to the superhero universe. Shang-Chi features Simu Liu as the main character and it is set to release today (September 3).

The first Phase 4 movie is around the new hero and will focus on his story. Shang-Chi’s story picks up with him living in America as he finds himself but is again sucked into the nuisance of the infamous Ten Rings organization.

The character comes face-to-face with his father, The Mandarin and is forced to look back at his past. Tony Leung and Simu Liu star in the movie alongside Awkwafina, Meng-er Zhang, Florian Munteanu, Fala Chen, and Michelle Yeoh.

The movie has been appreciated but much has been said about its willingness to go to dark places. Jonathan addressed this in a recent interview with and framed it as a storytelling opportunity.

He said, “I think putting them in the headspace of young Shang-Chi … I assume that’s part of what you’re talking about when you talk about the darkness. It was exciting. (And) It felt exciting. It felt visceral.”

The producer continued that it felt like they were really getting at something cool. He added, "So, in general, if there's a moment or an idea or a feeling that scares us, we feel risk, we're all like, 'Oh, we'll know we'll always do it and go for it and run at it.' 


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