Shakti Kapoor Reacts On Son's Detention After Drug Raid

Actor Shakti Kapoor's son, Siddhanth, was detained for allegedly taking drugs during a party at a Bengaluru five-star hotel, the police said today.

Shakti Kapoor was quoted by reports as saying: "It's not possible".

"I can only say one thing- it's not possible," the veteran actor told ETimes

"I am not aware of anything. I have just gotten up from my sleep and my phone has started ringing continuously.

He hasn't been arrested but detained by the cops for consumption (of drugs). I don't think there was any possession.

I have as much information as it is coming out in the news and I am really troubled by this news."

Siddhanth Kapoor, 37, was invited as a DJ at the party. He is an actor and an assistant director.

The police acted on a tip-off and raided the party at the Park Hotel. Samples of around 35 guests were tested and five guests, including him and tested positive.