Selena Gomez And Chris Evans Are Rumored To Be Dating


Social media fans firmly believe with unearthed proof that Selena Gomez and Chris Evans might be dating.

Based on a recent video of Chris playing the piano. Fans continue to dig him and Selena's social media profiles for a clue that prove they are in a relationship. While theres no solid evidence thus far, some people think the Captain America actors recent Instagram Story is their most solid lead yet.

In the brief video Chris Evan wrote, Rainy day activities, the 40-year-old Marvel star plays the piano.

But some noticed that there was a brunettes reflection in the lower-left corner of the video.

After zooming into the reflection of his piano lid, a fan of the 40-year-old actor, reposted the clip with the caption, “Whose the brunette filming bottom right corner Chris?

“Is that Selena?!”