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Sebastian Stan & Jennifer Aniston To Come Together For A Rom-Com Movie?

It's no lie that we love our most beloved Actors pairing up for a movie. One such conversation took place between the two loved characters in the industry. Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) & Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green of Friends).

The two stars did an "Actors on Actors" series for Variety where they had a conversation about Rom-coms and discussed their favorite films.

When the two started talking about rom-coms, it was seen that both Sebastian and Jennifer shared a mutual interest in romantic comedies, and that's why Jennifer asked Sebastian if he would like to do a rom-com with her.

She said, " Why do they have such a bad rap these days?' Cause wouldn't it be fun to do one? Do you want to do it?. To which stan responded, " I would do one in a second with you."

They ended the conversation with some exciting   news, Jennifer asks Stan " Shoot it in the  New York City?" To which Sebastian responded, "Yeah that sounds great. They could probably write that very, very quickly."

Stan also revealed that the Friends show has gotten him through lonely nights

Jennifer concludes the conversation by being excited about doing a rom-com with Sebastian and bringing the good rom-com era back.

It would be great to see both the actors in a rom-com as fans await to see Jennifer & Sebastian on the big screen together.