Season 6 Of Lucifer Stole Its Storyline From The Flash

One of the major shocks in Lucifer’s last season was a new character who was secretly Chloe and Lucifer’s daughter from the future, a la The Flash. Nora West-Allen, Barry Allen’s daughter from 30 years in the future, was first introduced in season 5 of The Flash.

Despite the similarities in plot twists, the people and their reasons for travelling back in time to find their fathers were entirely different.

Following his father’s retirement, Lucifer season 6 began with the former ruler of Hell trying to enjoy his final days on Earth before ascending to the throne of Heaven and becoming God

The concept of a time-traveling daughter was also a big aspect of season 5 of The Flash.

While it’s unlikely that the story aspect was intended as an homage, it’s still fascinating to see how Lucifer and The Flash approached the same concept in different ways.