Season 4-6 Of American Horror Story To Depart Netflix In October 2021

We have seen American Horror Story leave Netflix ‘temporarily’ earlier and the same is schedule to happen in October as well.

However, there has been no official confirmation this time whether it will be removed permanently or partially like before.

In October 2021, we will see three seasons of the show ‘American Horror Story’ depart from Netflix.

The seasons are: – Freak Show (Season 4 – 2014) – October 6th – Hotel (Season 5 – 2015) – October 4th – Roanoke (Season 6 – 2016) – October 3rd

Last year season 8 left Netflix US for a while but was soon added back to the content library

One important thing to note is that the removal of Season 4-6 is only going to happen for Netflix US subscribers.