Scott Garland, better known as Scotty 2 Hotty in WWE, says he never officially retired from professional wrestling.

He’s taking bookings once again after getting his release from WWE late last year.

Scott Garland’s departure from WWE came just before another wave of releases by the company.

They were announced earlier this week and affected mostly personnel working with the NXT brand and the Performance Center.

Garland says the threat of more releases was on his mind when he was considering his decision to ask for his release from WWE. The company cut more than 80 wrestlers last year.

“Once the pandemic happened and all the releases started happening, I think the releases took a big toll on me,” Garland recalled.

“When I became a coach, I had no idea how much I would love that job, and those guys are then like your children.

“You create these relationships with people, and you see them get released, and you find out with everyone else when they come up on Twitter,” Garland continued.

“My buddy in Nashville texted me ‘Oh the releases are happening again…’ So, then I jump on Twitter and

I see somebody released that was in my class and I just saw 3 hours before. That’s how I am finding out, and dude, this is not cool.”