Scottie Pippen Thinks LeBron James Is Being Disrespectful By Calling Himself The GOAT Over Michael Jordan

LeBron James has openly declared himself as the greatest player of all time (GOAT) in the NBA, unlike previous players who have left the debate to the fans and the media.

Scottie Pippen, a former teammate of Michael Jordan, criticized James for being disrespectful by proclaiming himself as the GOAT over Jordan.

Pippen argues that it is not up to a player to declare himself as the best ever, but instead, it is the peers and experts who should make that determination.

Michael Jordan, widely considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, has never publicly declared himself as the GOAT.

LeBron James has built an impressive career with numerous accolades, including four NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, and two Olympic gold medals.

The debate about who is the GOAT in the NBA has been going on for decades and has been a subject of much discussion among fans and experts.

LeBron James' claim to be the greatest player of all time is based on his success on the court, as well as his impact on the game and society as a whole.

Some argue that James' declaration is justifiable, given his impressive stats and the changes he has brought to the game, including his activism on social justice issues.

The debate about who is the GOAT in the NBA is unlikely to be settled definitively, as it is subjective and based on individual opinions and biases.