Former WWE stars Killer Kross (Karrion Kross) and Scarlett Bordeaux joined Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette to talk about their year and a half run between WWE and NXT.

They began by revealing when they learned WWE was releasing them, which was while they were driving to the airport on November 4.

“He (Killer Kross) was dropping me off at Newark airport,” Bordeaux said. “So we were five minutes from the airport. I was flying home two days early from visiting his family and we got the phone call.

I just remember being ‘are you fu*king serious? Are you serious?

It was funny because he got the call five minutes after and the first thing he says to me when he looks over is ‘thank god. Thank god it’s not just you. It’s both of us at least.'”

“It was unusual,” Kross admitted. “But to be honest with you, I kind of felt like it was coming. I felt that the situation could’ve been recovered with a different presentation on the main roster. It’s fiction.

In the world of fiction, the possibilities are endless. But I was like ‘yeah.’ I had a weird feeling that night, just on the debut. I was like ‘I kind of feel like this isn’t the direction it’s going in.’

Unlike Kross, the release came as a surprise to Scarlett Bordeaux, largely because she wasn’t medically cleared at the time. She then detailed why she had been taken off TV prior to her release.