Salman Khan Exposes The Details Of His Long-Term Relationship

In a self-deprecating joke, Salman Khan joked that his longest relationship has been with the reality show Bigg Boss.

He has been the show’s host for more than a decade, having originally been associated with Bigg Boss 4 in 2010.

Bigg Boss 15 is slated to air on October 2, and Salman Khan shared a special message at a special media conference on Thursday evening.

“My relationship with Bigg Boss, this is possibly my only romance that has lasted this long,”

The 55-year-old actor said in a video message to the media in the Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Salman commented on this year’s show’s “jungle” theme

“This season makes me remember the song – Jungle Hai Aadhi Raat Hai.”